You have a guitar in your hand, or will likely have it soon, and you want to learn it as fast as you can. Who doesn’t want to become a pro in an instrument so dear to him?
First of all, learning guitar does take time. It also takes quite a bit of effort. However, I’ve listed some resources here so that none of your efforts go wasted due to unsystematic learning.

  • Justin Guitar (COMPLETELY FREE VIDEOS!): Without doubt, Justin Guitar is the single best free video resource for guitar learning. You can start as a beginner and be on your way to being a good player using these videos alone. If you don’t prefer to watch them online, you can buy DVDs of high quality version of these videos. Many Justin Guitar users also prefer JamPlay (mentioned below).
  • Jamorama (BEST VALUE): Jamorama is one of the leading guitar courses online. It is available in both formats, digital (great price) and physical. Though mainly text, it contains videos corresponding to the new things you learn. It also contains jam tracks, so that you can start jamming along when you learn a chord or two. Another great thing about it is that, it is quite complete. Don’t be surprised if it takes you at least a year to master what’s inside the course. If you don’t mind paying a few dollars, and want the best value, this might be the course for you.
  • JamPlay (PAID): JamPlay is a great paid resource. If you can afford it, then this should be a great starting point. For $19.95 monthly, you get unlimited access to around 366 hours of lessons by 34 teachers, and 198 song lessons. These numbers are as of today, as mentioned on the JamPlay website. They may increase with time, because new lessons are added every single day! Last but not the least, instructors are available for over 12 hours live on webcam, to answer all your questions!
  • Guitar Tricks (PAID, CAN DOWNLOAD VIDEOS): This is another subscription based website like JamPlay, but allows downloading of videos. It costs $14.95 per month, and is also a great site. They’ve got a bunch of free videos you can see, so that you get a feel for what you can expect. They have fundamental lessons (that all guitarists should know), and lessons on specific styles (Blues, Rock, Country, Funk, Jazz, Metal).
  • Learn and Master Guitar (20 DVDs + 5 Jam Along CDs): If you’re not an online kind of guy, and are overwhelmed by lots of videos, then this one is for you. It’s a DVD set, a course to be precise. It helps you start your journey as a beginner and become a better guitar player. Not just DVDs, you also get printed materials. Jam Along CDs helps you practice what you’ve learned in real world scenarios. You can also find the Blues Guitar course on their site.